LIV: How a Super Bowl Can Teach Us about the Important Stuff

I'm as old as the Super Bowl. That was pretty cool to say as a teen or 20-something. Yep, I'm as old as the Super Bowl. It got me thinking, I'm as old as the Super Bowl! Not sure why it resonated with me more this year more than others - I've always been the same age as the Super Bowl.

For whatever reason, I've always been a little curious about Roman Numerals, etymology, all things to feed my incessant need-for-new-learning nerdiness. Truth be told: I'm pretty much amused by any new curiosity.

LIV - 54.

LIV - A nickname of one of my favorite on-screen crime drama characters. The daughter of one of my favorite rockers.


There was so much hullaballoo about the halftime show this year. Not even going there. But, the whole discourse around it on social media did fuel some deeper thinking for me.


For a whole week, I thought it.



Making 54 trips around the sun is a gift. Creating and living a life you really never imaged possible is a gift.

  • Feeling the aches and pains of creaking joints first thing in the morning.

  • Wondering where that last laugh line in the creases of our eyes came from.

  • Tumbling around on the floor with toddlers, dust bunnies, or rescue pups.

  • Contemplating what we want to be when we grow up.

All gifts.

Even though my precious Green Bay Packers fell one game short of this year's contest, I'll forever thank this LIVth episode for pushing my thinking beyond guacamole or Buffalo chicken dip recipes and commercial critiques. Even though I practically broke a hip merely watching the halftime show, I'll marvel and support my 40- and 50-something sisters whose hips truly don't lie. Instead of lamenting over midlife/mid-career/middle-of-nowhere muddlings, I'm shifting the script a bit to the gratitude that abounds from all the above.

I AM as old as the Super Bowl..and always will be. Just like playing or performing in the "big game," I'm profoundly and increasingly aware that some sadly don't get the opportunity to even step on that field or stage. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Emulate it.

...and LIVe on, friends. LIVE!

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